Can not top down distribution without company code kg379 năm 2024

SAP’s Controlling module (CO), Profitability Analysis (CO-PA), lets you analyze your organization’s profitability along various dimensions like products, customers, or regions. One critical function within CO-PA is top-down distribution, facilitated by the KE28 transaction code. Let’s explore what top-down distribution is and how to use KE28 effectively.

What is Top-Down Distribution?

Top-down distribution (TDD) allocates costs or revenues in CO-PA based on a predefined distribution logic. Here’s a typical scenario:

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SAP Top Down Distribution

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Top Down Distribution Explained With an Example


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Top Down Distribution Explained With An Example

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Can not top down distribution without company code kg379 năm 2024

Client is posting discount manually in FI, for that he has one GL and that account is assigned default to CO-PA, while posting the amount that is loading in CO-PA based on the product, now he want that amount region wise and area manager wise based on the revenue(Base value).

GL is posting into VVPRD value field. I want to distribute this for different characteristics.

As AJAY suggested top-down distribution, but I am doing that the value is not distributing.

the Inputs

  1. Code:KE28:

What I am doing is:

From PERIOD: 12, 2009 TO 12,2009

Record type: B

All valuation views

Reference data

From period: 12.2009 TO 12,2009

Actual Data

Record Type: F

Reference Base:

Single Value Field:

Value field: Revenue.

In processing selections:

I am selecting the Product and tick on u201CREFu201D AND Ticking on REGION u201CDISTu201D TAB.

In Selection criteria I am not changing anything.

In value field I am selecting VVPRD(In this field we have amount)

While executing no error is coming but value is not loading for REGIONS

Please suggest where I am doing mistake.



I have posted cost in a value field with company code characteristic from assessment cycles. Now when i am executing the top down distribution system is giving following error.

Value could not be distributed.

Message no. KG323


The percentages of the reference data were all zero.

System Response

The value in period therefore could not be distributed.

I have implemented the following SAP Notes as well

SAP Note 1707990

SAP Note 1039567

SAP Note 604523

Upon executing the TDD system is giving following details in the technical

From the above results i believe that system reading the reference base but not generating the line items

What is top down distribution in SAP margin analysis?

Top-down distribution is a special functionality in SAP Margin Analysis, in which the revenue or costs can be distributed from an summarized level to a more granular level which enables the profitability reporting.nullMargin Analysis (CO-PA) in SAP S/4HANA - SAP › ba-pnull

What is top down distribution of plan data?

Top down distribution is used for the disaggregation of planning data. You might already be familiar with the distribution function in BIC, but top down distribution in BRIP is used in complex and high volume scenarios that cannot be made by the BIC function.nullTop-down distribution - SAP ERP Video Tutorial - › learning › top-down-distributionnull

What is record type B in SAP?

Record type B is assigned to a number range group which does notassign numbers automatically. A document number is required to continue the transaction. If possible, enter a document number.nullAutomatic number assignment not possible with record type › enterprise-resource-planning-q-a › qaq-pnull